Shop Online

As much as we love to see you in our store, we understand that people are busy. Going to the grocery store takes time, time that you may not necessarily have. If you feel stretched too thin, the Golden Goose Market is here to help you reclaim a bit of time with our online ordering option.

How it Works:

We’ve partnered with Rosie, a company that lets you shop and order from local grocery stores such as the Golden Goose Market. You simply browse our Rosie site, add the items you want to your cart, and check out just as you would with any website. You then have the option of stopping by to pick up your order or having it delivered. But don’t worry—you won’t be waiting for days for your food. Rosie delivers the same day you place your order!

Rosie is very easy to use. In addition to browsing our categories, you can pull up recipes and purchase everything you need for it with just a few clicks, save your regularly purchased items to a shopping list, re-order things you’ve bought before, and more. Everything is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee by both Rosie and the Golden Goose Market.

So don’t worry about trying to work in shopping between work, picking up the kids, getting the dry cleaning, and all those other tasks that take up your day. Order online and avoid the stress!